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Backyard Snowboard Box - Park 5

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Hey! (Mods, so i don't spam, delete my last thread) Since last season, I've always wanted to build a backyard terrain park. It's coming real with park 5. After building my rail, I spent over 150$ on HDPE, wood, pvc, and screws, and decided to build the 10 ft long, 13" in wide box.

We first built the top and bottom pieces.

After this, we put in the vertical braces and set the HDPE on top (Not fastened yet) and screwed the two pieces (not HDPE though) together.

After this, we took off the HDPE and screwed a 12" wide piece of plywood on instead. What this would do was allow the hdpe to NOT be under the pvc pipe, as it would be without the plywood. Then we countersunk on the hdpe and got ready to screw in the PVC.

Now, we screwed in the plywood on the sides. It sticks out a little, which is a bit of a design flaw, but we decided it wouldn't hit the snowboard if we set it a little lower.

After this it was time to paint. First, I painted it white with a paint primer combo.

And now - The Finished Product! Park 5's First Snowboard Box!

Also, here's the other rail of the terrain park that I built before:

Thanks for looking! Tell me whatcha think! The park is in Montana City, Montana, just to let you all know. It's pretty much in Helena.


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Looks pretty sick! You'll have fun on that for sure. Now all you need is tow rope. My only thought was it might've been nice to build the box a little bit taller so you can bury it into the snow a bit better.
Yeah, you're probably right about the height of the box. I may put the box in after the first or second snowfall because of that. As far as tow rope, my grandparents left a car here. Take off tire, set up a rope and put a brick on the gas in low? Seems legit!
that might get you started. you're gonna need some kind of a pulley system to get that tow rope up and running also
What you'd do is get another wheel type thing on the other end, and then just loop it around both ends and put some handles on it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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