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My question is somewhat related to this thread:
Advice needed: riding over a bunch of small bumps

When I ride small mogul fields (i.e. highly frequented run in the afternoon that is groomed at night, so the moguls are reasonably soft, but the troughs are likely quite hard or even icy), I do the unweighting described there and can go at a substantial pace. However, sometimes when I pick up a bit too much speed or there is a series of larger moguls my 'suspension' get overwhelmed and I start getting air and get out of control. Slowing down/stopping is extremely sketchy in that situation. As long as I'm in control, I don't have issues reducing speed - I just have serious issues if I underestimate the terrain ahead.

Are there any good tricks for slowing down/stopping in that situation (imagine you are going at 30-40mph into a 1ft mogul field and have to stop)?

(I primarily ride a very wide / pretty long / very stiff hybrid rocker/camber board.)
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