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Base changed color

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Anyone have an issue with waxing a white base and it changed colour? I've never had this issue when I regularly wax throughout the season, because the wax is only on the board for 24 hours max. I waxed my board at the end of the season for storage, and just scraped the shit out of it a couple days ago, but now it has a red/pink colour to it because the wax was red.

Thoughts? solutions?
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if you don't like it: ride it off, or use citrus cleaned and a brass brush. If you really don't like it base grind and structure. White bases will show wax, dirt and other assorted detritus including grease

The first option is the only one you should consider
Oh god... :dizzy:

Uh, he clearly cannot just ride it, because now it's a girls board, what with a pink base! Jeez, have a heart.

Op, you're gonna have to sell it to a girl and get a new one with a manly black base.
:laugh: :laugh::laugh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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