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hi folks, just wanted to spread the knowledge / share a review.

i bought a Bataleon Global Warmer at the start of the season - 156 wide.

WHY I BOUGHT IT - i needed a bigger, more appropriately sized board [i'd been riding kids boards for the past few seasons - around 154, normal width]. you know how it goes - you start researching your next board, online clicks lead to other clicks, and down the rabbit hole you go. eventually, TBT came to intrigue the hell out of me, so i thought i'd try something completely different. originally, i was going to go with a Boss 156W, but decided i wanted something softer, given that i've got feet/ankle issues, and wanted something that would still be super forgiving, when i'm tired towards the end of the day. i also wanted a wide platform - decently wide, not 26.0cm "wide".

MY STANCE - i'm still playing around with it. i thought i'd dialled it in, but realise that i've probably been setting it too wide for YEARS. let's just say that at the moment, i'm running between 22 - 22.5 inches, from 12-15 front, and -6 - -12 rear. it doesnt help that i saw the Nidecker vid on stance widths [which is VERY contrary to the mindless 24-24.5inches i've been riding for the last half decade], nor that i tried 22in the other weekend, and was impressed at the increased level of control i had, as well as how easy it was to spin. i'm 5'10'' with short legs [19in knee to floor].

BOARD PROFILE - camber, with mellow TBT. 156cm long, and 26.8cm waist.

RIDING STYLE - let's just call it all mountain freestyle. i love side hits, and on a bland groomed run, i will look for every single little feature i can, to turn it into a hit to spin off / practice switch straight airs off. i also love laying into carves on fresh groomed, and when it all hope is lost [sh7tty visibility etc], i'll practice riding switch through the trees.

FLEX - this board is the softest board i've ever ridden, and i LOVE their execution. soft, but still poppy. super forgiving, but still able to lay in an edge if you want it to. torsionally, it's very soft as well, so you can steer from the feet, if you like.

WEIGHT - very light. light, to the point of [being a heavier rider] thinking that it's GOT to break at some point, this season. nope - i've been pretty unforgiving on it, and it's held up fine. whatever they've done, they've made a high quality product, in my opinion.

SPEED - i know the old adage of extruded being slow compared to sintered, but this thing is not slow at all. flat basing, i overtake lots of people on traversing cat-tracks - you can't tell that there's ANY speed deficiency at the hands of the extruded base, whatsoever.

STABILITY - i wouldn't take this thing into a field of heavy chop, and i wouldn't put this in the car on a groomed-all-over, bluebird day [i have another board for that], but it's not BAD at higher speeds. i find that all i have to do to get through the sh7t, is hunker down, spread my knees, and it's fine. it doesn't wash out as much as i thought it would. having the wider waist, it feels like a stable, accommodating platform under foot.

STABILITY IN LANDINGS - as per the "my stance" bit above, i'm thinking that for too long, i've simply equated a 24.5-25in stance with "stability", so make of this what you will: on reference, if you're sloppy with weight centring upon landing, the tip/tail can be overwhelmed - you CAN wash out. however, i've found the board stable enough on [for example] switch landings, provided you're exercising care and not being TOO sloppy with your sh7t. as per above, the extra width lends itself to the overall stable feeling of the board.

TBT THOUGHTS - this is the first 3D base profile board i've ridden, and i have to say that i'm quite impressed! i understand that some people either love it or hate it - put me firmly into the "love it" category. i find rocking back and forth on the board to be a little looser, but a lot of fun [i'm enjoying working that little bit more, on top of the board].

the TBT is not going to save you from poor technique - if you want to, you can still catch an edge if you're downright reckless on a landing. however, i've allowed myself to be sloppy on small spins, landing and riding away, where my Yes Jackpot would have hooked an edge enough for me to get squirrelly.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS TO A FRIEND - absolutely. i am glad i took the gamble on Bataleon, even though it would have been so easy to simply go and get another Yes. price wise, they're not cheap [$799aud, here], but the board has been durable, fun to ride, forgiving, and overall a very positive experience. is this board a quiver of one? ABSOLUTELY NOT. in fact, i'd go so far as to say that unless you primarily ride rails and <30ft kickers, you should only get this board IF you have other boards in your quiver - i'd look to the Goliath, the Whatever, or the Boss, for a quiver of one. however, if you have the ability to have something this soft / playful / lazy in your quiver, then yeah, it's fit-for-purpose, when it comes to that! in summary, it's a high quality, soft, fun, wider board with a [somewhat] unique base profile, that i am glad i bought.

i'm out!!!!
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