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Bataleon Whatever 158w 2013 review

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After spending a long time trawling through forums doing research for my new board I thought I would return the favour and post a review of my new purchase the 2013 Bataleon Whatever 158w.

A little about me. I am 6"2 about 200lbs with size 11.5 boots. I have been riding for probably around 10 years. Like probably 99% of the snowboarding population I would love to be able to ride fresh powder all day everyday but in reality I spend most of my time riding the broad variety of conditions that the Pacific Northwest provides me with. More recently I have taken more of an active interest in park riding. So based on this I was looking for a board that I can take anywhere and pretty much do anything with. And from what I have seen from this Bataleon it is brilliant at doing well 'whatever' you want it to do.

The TBT did take me a little while to get used but when you do it is so much fun to ride. It's turn initiation is super quick and butters and spins are an absolute joy. If like me you love the stability and feel that regular camber provides, but would like some of the catch free/ buttery benefits of a rocker, without the floppy looseness that I seem to find with rockered boards, then TBT is for you.

I have taken her out in all but deep powder conditions and I have been very very impressed with how it handles. The only issues I have is that as it is on the softer side of medium she can get a little feisty in choppy conditions and landings from the big kicker line can wash out a bit if you touch down too far back on the tail. You need to be on the ball a bit more than normal in these cases but if this is something that would put you off I would go for the stiffer Evil Twin. The wider nose and tail and the TBT help in powder and it performs well above my expectations here, especially considering I must be above the recommended height/ weight specs for the 158.

I also find it a light board and my park ability has gone through the roof since I have owned it, spinning is so much easier and it locks nicely onto boxes and rails too. The pop is great considering the flex and it feels so nice and so much fun to ride wherever I have been.

Overall I cannot recommend this board highly enough. This is my first Bataleon and it most definitely will not be my last. Great manufacturer, fantastic technology and the whole range has sick graphics. Basically you should probably buy one....

Hope this helps?
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Hi, good review - thanks for the feedback. This is one of the boards I'm considering getting so it's good to hear about your experience. I think if it had a sintered base I'd buy it in a flash - but as it hasn't I'm tempted to go for a GW instead. How did you find the extruded base - slow you down much?

xlnt review, i'm biased as i'm riding a '12 whatever this season (thanks wiredsport) and am loving it.

re: speed of the base- it seems really fast to me, another one of those TBT claims that i believe to be true= "bomb hills faster". keep a lil wax in there and you'll be all good
Sorry for the delayed response.

The base was something I really considered too before buying it as I had only ever owned boards with sintered bases before. But to be honest I havn't noticed any difference. I have always liked to regularly wax my board anyway so I can't see it being an issue. Like RickB says keep some wax on there and I doubt you will find any slowness. The GW does look like a sick board and without riding it I can't really compare it to the whatever, but there is a big jump in price. Either way I'm certain if you do go for a Bataleon you wont be disappointed...
Awesome review, thanks! It sounds like you and I are similar size and riding style and I was seriously considering a bataleon this year and from your review I'm 95% certain I'm going to get the 2013-2014 bataleon boss. I'm actually really stoked for it to be released :yahoo:, wish I could get it now!!!
I rode the 2012 Whatever a decent amount and it is a blast! The only thing that I was slightly disappointing at was it's performance in deep pow. It was CAPABLE of doing it, but your legs were paying the price. That being said, the board is still amazing, and holds true to it's "whatever" name, especially with the addition of back seat inserts.

I would note that my Camel Toe (Extruded base) was blazing past every other snowboard this season on the flats to the lift. I wax it every 2-3 times out.
I actually just picked up a new Whatever - So pumped to check it out!
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