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Bcc 2/24

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Anyone on here one of the people who got ticketed up at Brighton/Solitude for illegal parking? The number of cars was staggering. You'd have thought it was puking fresh snow or something.
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Haha I saw that coming down from Brighton today - there must have been 100 cars ticketed!

I still can not get over the 13.28 mile line of cars coming from Little Cottonwood Canyon - it was backed up from the mouth almost the the 215 freeway for over 45 minutes - dead stop!

Most crowded day I have ever seen in the Wasatch in my 4 years here, just mind blowing.
Those LCC pictures are insane. My wife and I made it up to Brighton around lunch so we missed the show, apparently. I was shocked passing Solitude and pretty surprised I had to swing around a couple times before finding a spot at Brighton.
Most crowded Ive ever seen it. All that for left overs of an average storm. I guess alot of people who didnt want to wait for the red snake to get moving just went to sol-bright. I dont have a weekend pass so I went touring and even that was kind of a shit show. People putting skin tracks in odd places. When I parked I was one of three cars parked(legally) by solitude. When I came back there had to be hundreds of cars parked along the road. I feel bad for those ticketed since it looked like someone said it was ok with the way that cones were set up to kind of section off the passing lane for parking.

I guess UPD has a policemans ball coming up because they were supposedly towing people from the white pine lot in lcc before it was supposed to be closed.

Did you guys go to the resort? How was crowded was it? I went to brighton today and you could tell that those punk skiers from alta definately had their way with our hill.:blink:
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