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Hey guys, I'm planning a trip with some friends and we all absolutely love that powdery offpiste or backcountry, whatever you want to call it. However we're on a tight budget seeing as we're 17 so we can only afford to stay in Europe (no America/Canada/Japan), although all the resorts will cost roughly the same so don't worry about price when suggesting a resort, as long as it's in Europe that's fine.
The main things we're looking for are

  • good, steep offpiste that consistently has good snow - big mountain lines >>> tree skiing although variety is always good so even better if it has both
  • good nightlife and girls
  • easily accessible offpiste - none of my mates are willing to skin up so the offpiste MUST be accessible by lift.

I've been to Espace Killy (Tignes / Val D'Isere) twice now with my family and was really impressed by the offpiste there so I'm probably already leaning towards that, but any other input would be helpful.

PS: La Grave is probably out of the equation, our parents would probably never let us go there alone without some serious bargaining + the nightlife is non existent, BUT mention it if you think it is really worth it for the offpiste - HOWEVER, I would be able to go to Les Deux Alpes and visit La Grave 1-3 times during the week (a guide is fucking expensive), but would this be worth it? (ie. how is the nightlife and skiing/boarding at Les Deux Alpes?).
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