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Binding Questions

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Hey everyone! I don't know much about buying snowboard equipment because I've been renting for about two years so I need a bit of help. I'm not a beginner, but I am new at buying instead of renting. I'm trying to decide between four different bindings: Burton Customs, Burton Cobrasharks, Ride EXs, and Forum The Factions. I've heard great things about the Customs, but I've also seen pretty good reviews on the Cobrasharks and I don't which one is better. According to what I've read, the EXs last a really long time and are very durable. I know nothing about The Factions, but they look pretty cool. I've recently ruled out the Burton Freestyles on account of some bad reviews, but if that was a bad decision, please notify me. I don't do a lot of tricks, but I do enjoy going fast down the slopes and maybe trying a jump or two. Please help!

I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I have stopped growing, meaning my shoe size isn't changing. I am going to buy either this one Lib Tech board or this one Alibi board so I'd like to know if any of these bindings are not compatible with certain boards. My bindings budget is $100-130. Thank you!
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As long as you don't buy EST Burton bindings they should all be compatible.As to if they are a good match for your board it's hard to say as we don't know which model of board you're looking at.
I can only speak to the EX's from Ride. I've had no issue with them at at all. No pressure points and comfortable. I had picked mine up for $120 tax in a couple of years ago. Pretty sure you'll be able to find a pair brand new in ur budget range
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm either going to get an Alibi Motive 152cm 2014 or a Lib Tech T. Rice Pro C2 BTX 150cm 2013.
Don't know much about the Alibi but for the Rice you might want some stiffer bindings as it is a pretty burly board.
Are there any of the four that I could rule out? Which two would you consider the best for a Lib Tech T. Pro C2 BTX?
If you can streeeeeetch that budget by just a few bucks, you can get into some last year model Burton Cartels, Union Forces, or Rome Targas and get a much better binding.
Out of the four, is the at least one that I shouldn't consider buying?
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