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Hey, just got my new board, and I'm looking for some bindings that are less than $200.

Looking for mid-stiff all around, and my boot size is a 10.5/11, so I'm not sure what size that is. I have medium Burton Freestyles from '10 and they're okay, but I want something with a toe cap that will pair well with this board.

Looking at Unions (not sure what yet, maybe the Force or the Contact Pro?) and Burton Custom/Mission/Cartels, because they all seem the same except footbeds and straps. Ride Capo's are nice, but only if I can find them on sale. Also, do you know what the price point will be for the new Flows with the toe cap? All my friends want me to get rear-entries because they ski and I take 'hours' (aka 30 seconds) to strap in, but I always thought they sacrificed something.

I'll be buying them next fall, most likely.

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