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Bindings won't fit my board

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So I bought a burton off my friend and i tried to put my bindings on it and they wont fit, the holes just dont match... I dont use burton equipment and i heard a rumor that only burton bindings will fit burton boards... I have 5150 bindings... any suggestions on how to make them fit or am i just out of luck?
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You need to get a Burton 3d disk for your bindings. I am assuming its not a channel board. You can get a disk at your local shop or just call Burton and have them send you some.
^^^ Exactly

Do the board inserts look like this?

Then you need discs that look like this:

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and those discs will fit my 5150 bindings?
and those discs will fit my 5150 bindings?
You have to get the discs from the binding manufacturer. Given the bindings you're working with, I doubt they have conversion discs. I'd recomend new bindings regardless, pretty much anything from a major brand will be a huge step up in comfort and quality.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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