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Blue mountain conditions were good today

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I hit blue mountain today and it was snowing up there lightly. Conditions were pretty good. The bad part is there is no more night boarding and they shut down at 4:30pm now.
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Unbelievable but true: they are still open and still very good spring conditions! Real pity that they close so early, but aside from the Silver Bullet, all the other lifts don't really have long line ups throughout the day, even on a Saturday.
i was up there yesterday with my nephew. With the warmup over the weekend and then rapid cool down sunday night it made for pretty icy conditions yesterday, sharp edges were a absolute must!
Beyond that, i have NO complaints being able to ride in southern Ont. on April 1st. The place maybe had 50 to 100 total on the entire hill. Snow/ice won't last much longer though. If you're looking to slide sideways get up there soon before it's gone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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