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Hi guys,

after reading numerous "help me pick a new board please' threads i figured it's time for me to ask you guys for some well needed advice.

As stated in the title i am currently in the market for a new board, bindings and boots. From the brands that my local snowboard shop is offering i would like to pick either a Bataleon, LT or NS.

My personal stats are the following:
height: 5"7
weight: 130 lbs.
boot size: 8,5
stance: 15 / -9 to -12
age: 30
Experience: beginner / intermediate. Got about 7 weeks of experience under my belt. I took both classes and personal training in order to progress.

Riding style:
Regular slopes: 90%
Powder / Off-piste: 10%
Park: 0%

I enjoy going down red and blue slopes, work on my technique and try to build up as much speed as possible. Never been a park rider, never will. Also (unfortunately) not getting many powder days.

I have been riding a Bataleon Goliath 153 since i started and loved it. The TBT helped me a lot when i started out. Never been on a other board besides that.

Would prefer my next board to:
1) be able to handle higher speeds
2) fast turning
3) decent grip (MT/Vario, ive been on icy slopes a lot lately)
4) able to ride switch
5) yet still a BIT playfull to do buttering / flat tricks (not too playfull though..)

The tricky part is that i prefer a small board. I was thinking about getting a 147 - 153, so that really limits my options.

So far i've come up with:
1)a brand new bataleon goliath 153 (no MT/Vario though, but i have liked it sofar)
2)LT t rice pro 150 (im afraid this is too much for me to handle? the 150 has a 5/10 flex rate though, which i think would perfectly suit me)
3)NS SL 151 (afaik the only NS board in my lenght range)

What do you guys reckon?

Any help is greatly apreciated!
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