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Board channel broke off binding plate section. Need some EST binding screw width measurements

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My channel board binding broke off at the binding plate section. It seems large EST bindings screws area on both end is wide enough to continue using this board. However I only have large EST bindings with me and will like to get some measurement between the medium est screws.

My large bindings est screws are 15.5cm wide which is long enough to secure between the broken section. Will like to know how wide are the medium EST bindings screw if anyone can provide. Thanks

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ICS bindings on a channel 2.0 board maybe?
ICS bindings on a channel 2.0 board maybe?
correct. The board OP is using is an endeavor, which didn't start using the channel until after burton switched to channel 2.0. based on the binding hardware, the bindings in the top photo are the original EST bindings using channel 1.0 hardware.
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Thanks for the help. Should be enough width to use the mediums

It's an endeavor archetype from 2017 using Uninc ICS bindings from 2008. Need to use convertor M6 screws to put the bindings on the board

As to how the channel broke off, I was using Now pilots with channel disc and my riding been stressing the channel like you see with the right insert in the photo for quite a while. I have not change my stances or width of stance for 100+ days on the board. Last week I landed tail heavy off a medium size kicker and the channel just gave in and ripped out the left insert.

Fortunately the channel damage is around 10cm long and I can still put on an EST binding without any issue.
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