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Hey all,

I am a pretty experienced rider looking to hone my skills and need some advice. Been riding a Burton Deuce 155 for the last couple of years and just got into glades last year. Alot seem to recommend the nug for whatever this a good board?...I'm very comfortable riding regular although this year I'm looking for a board to learn how to ride switch. I'm 5'6" ~130lbs. boot size 9.5...If it makes any difference I'll be riding mostly in the northeast...Any suggestions?
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Ya the Nug sounds like a good choice for what you're looking for. It's a twin, which is good if you want to learn switch. It's got medium range flex and is a rocker so it will be a fun, easy to maneuver board, but not the best at high speeds and steep runs. At your size, I'd recommend getting a board in the low to mid 150ish range. A little longer than park riding, but you want to keep it fairly short to maneuver through trees easier if you're looking to keep doing that sort of thing.
yea that's what everyone I was talking to said...although the said with the nug because it has nug reduction I should be in a 142 because its supposed to ride like its 10 cm longer apparently? I was thinking I should look for a rockered board...Also looked at the Restricted Nug Flying V because I liked the graphic better :)...Any ideas?
I don't have experience on the restricted nug flying v but based on what i've heard it sounds like it's basically the same thing as the nug, but maybe tweaked slightly to be a bit more responsive, flexible, and grippier. If that's true, it sounds like a great board for what you want as well. As far as length goes, I would never want to downsize 10 cm even if it says that. Maybe a few, but 10 just seems like too much even if you're keeping the same effective edge. Maybe it's just a personal thing. I probably wouldn't go much lower than like a 148 but it's up to you.
Well the Restricted Nug comes in a camber flavor or flying v with lengths in the 142, 146, and 150. Should I be looking at going 150 or sticking to a little shorter for more maneuverability?...From what I understand the camber is going to give me more edge hold but be stiffer vs the flying v?
Nug FV at the least. The regular was just too loose in my opinion. If you're using it for pow in the trees then in trees it's great. But any kind of hardpack in the trees and I really think you'll be going over the tips of the V-Rock Nug.

I would more look into something like the Yes Basic, Rossi Templar, Flow Drifter, K2 Turbo Dream, or a Signal OG Flat.
which would be the lightest and most manueverable between Yes Basic, Rossi Templar, Flow Drifter, K2 Turbo Dream, or a Signal OG Flat...I'm intermediate/advanced 5'6" 130 lbs. I think I should be riding somewhere in the low 150's? :dunno:
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