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Hello all, I am in the market to get a new/used board. I am trying to decide on what size. I have been probably 15-20 times but once in the last 8 years. When I used to ride I would hit small jumps but nothing too crazy. I cant remember the size I used a buddies board he said it was a 149-153 I used. I am trying to decide on the size, I mostly will be carving down the mountain and hitting some jumps but probably not hte park.

10-10.5 boot (This I also am not sure of I ususally wear a 10 in Nike)

I am thinking a 155 or 158 all mountain board. Should I do wide or normal? I see some on I was looking at the Ride control or a burton cruze? I know they are used and maybe abused but for this year I will get one and upgrade next year if I go enough. Plus I am about to go 4 or 5 day trip and would rather buy all my stuff for $150 than rent it for that much. Any advise would be appreciated.

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