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Looking for a new board for next year I have my eye on a burton custom camber.
Can anyone suggest anything else similar or better i prefer camber and never been on anything else.
Would a vapor or custom x be to advanced for me? I'm a intermediate lvl
I am a all mtn freestyle rider
6"2 185 size 11.5 boot
Any of those three are fine for intermediate riders and up, the custom x might challenge a bit but if your developing into a speed freak/carver it will take you there.

If you would ever hit a metal park feature get the custom for durability, if you like to charge hard, carve and go super fast get the custom X. If you would never hit a metal feature and want something that's a little forgiving compared to the custom X then get the vapor. If money is an issue go with the custom.

Somebody will be along shortly to bash the Vapor based on it being a waste of money but I really like mine, and nobody pays sticker price for them, you just have to look for sales or lightly used second hand ones.

Lastly look for a burton demo, they almost always have custom and custom x available and sometimes bring the Vapor. Also if you've never ridden non camber try that, maybe you will like it, camber is more of a purist profile while the hybrid shapes can be more skatey and fun, and forgiving.
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