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* Tape up the surrounding undamaged area with thin clear tape. This enables a very tight low profile repair very close to the undamaged area.

* Mix up G-Flex epoxy.

* Apply to damaged area working into any crevices etc.

* Have a large piece of masking tape with a small piece of clear tape slightly larger than the damaged area stuck together on both the adhesive sides. Then apply this tape over the top of the repair with the smooth clear face over the damaged area. The masking tape adhesive will bite to the undamaged area.

*The smooth tape will create a smooth almost perfect surface requiring minimal sanding or cutting back in.

* Place a flat block over the damaged area and clamp it to the board to create a flat surface matched to the topsheet.

* Leave for at least 24 hours especially in the cold.

*The finish will be slightly glossy when dried but you can use scotchbrite to take the sheen off the repair and make it more satin to matt if desired to blend back matching the effect of the original surface look. A lot of new boards now are going with the Eco' friendly satin spray finish rather than the gloss resin topcoat from the past.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts