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board width and boots help

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hey there. im currently looking for some help in reagarding to my snowboard width. Im currently looking at the 2014 Flow Drifter 153, i really like it. Im 5'9 and weigh 120 lb's with a boot size of 11. The flow drifter waist width is 24.4. Im just curious if the board will be to thin for me? if i should go with another board due to that? i want burton diode bindings probably Mediums. Thanks any advice would be greatly appreciated as i dont want to by to thin of a board and im looking to make my purchase soon. thanks
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i asked this question already im just wondering if i went with 11 boots instead of 10.5's thanks.
I was just looking at the drifter before I bought my blacklist and the width wasnt working with my size 12s. It's a skinny board for sure so maybe 11 or smaller would be a little more ideal on it. Kinda depends on your stance too.
Agreed, that might be pushing it for you, my DWD board is a 24.4 and i have a 9.5 Tm2 boot and i have a tad bit of over hang on both my heel and toe, defiantly might want to look as something a tad wider.
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