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I currently have a pair of Burton Ruler boots with the speedlace technology. I have put approximately 30-35 days on them, and usually "unlaced" them around lunch and would "relace" right after lunch.

I ran into an issue multiple times last year in which the speedlace setup would come "undone" while I was riding. I always made sure they were in the teeth, however, it appears as though the teeth are wearing down and are no longer capable of holding the lines.

That being said, I am looking to stay away from the Burton boots, especially those with a speedlace system. I also want to steer clear of the BOA setups.

Board: Artifact Rocker
Bindings: Rome 390 SDS
Boot Size: Depends on brand/type, but around a size 10

I mainly ride groomers with a little bit of park, but would like to get more into the park scene.

1. Should I be looking at more of a medium flex boot, or do you guys all ride soft?
2. I have been looking at the ThirtyTwo Lashed boots (soft flex), ThirtyTwo TM-Two (medium flex), Nike Zoom Force 1 (medium flex). Would any of these fit the bill? Are there others I should be looking at?

I have tried the ThirtyTwo brand and Nike brand boots on before and would just order multiple pairs to ensure I get the appropriate fitment.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm a big fan of laced 32s and have a pair of Lashed and TM-Twos. Both would be fine.

Nike should fit radically different - I wouldn't even bother with them unless you already know that they fit your foot. Support snowboarding! (not Nike)

People can only give their own experience with a boot, it has to fit YOU.
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