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I am new this to the group. I am snowboarding for the last 4 years. I got my gear second hand, when I have first started. I was riding with a Head binding (cabled like a Flow) and Nitro boots , really soft ones. My Nitro boots are 22.5 , they fit perfectly by the length but after years heels were really slipping. Then I have decided to change both bindings and boots. As I have never rode with strap bindings, I thought step ons might be better for me. I however have tried 35 EU (22, 5 US) on Limelight Step on, even it fits by the length after 10 minutes (just walking around home) I feel numbness and some pressure points on my feet. I have tried 36,5 and my toes are not touching the end of the boot. I have tried 36,5 EU (23, 6 US) on Felix Steon on , my toes are again not touching and a bit space there but it is much more comfortable than the smaller size of Limelight and again much comfortable than bigger size of Limelight, fits better. I have been looking for Felix 35 (22) is just sold out everywhere :(

I liked the Felix Step on boots however, I am trying to figure out if having them slightly bigger will be an issue when riding. Can someone help me to figure out?

Thank you!

P.s: I have measure my feet with sock 22, I am guessing it is 21.5 without them.

P.s.s: My feet are small and ankles too. Boot fitting is a nightmare :( I have tried kid boots but they are too soft :(
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