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Last year was my first year owning my own equipment...etc. By the end of the year I realized my boots had to much heel lift and I was cutting off the circulation trying to fix it. The boots were Burton Rulers and they were a size 11.5. I was literally miserable after one run in my boots. Snowboarding an entire day was literally impossible, and I had to take breaks / loosen my boots completely after/during each run. My right foot was definitely the worst. Had it not been for my extreme discomfort in right foot, I would have probably stuck it out with these boots because the left boot fit decently enough though I experienced some heel lift and discomfort. (Maybe I did not notice the pain in my left foot because my right foot hurt so bad 😂)

This year I went to Darkside and tried on multiple pairs of boots of all different brands. The Burton Ions fit me the best, but I decided to get the Burton Photons in a size 11 because of the 540 dollar price tag. (especially since I already own boots from last year!!!) The Photons I purchased fit snug and my feet are at the end, but I also considered getting the Photons in 10.5 wide. When I tried the 10.5 my feet were smashed at the end of the boot, and what I thought to be slightly curling. They said if the toes are curling at all do not get them. We also all logically agreed upon the thought that sizing down from an 11.5 to a 10.5 wide was to extreme especially since there was minimal heel lift in my left boot in the 11.5 when compared to my right foot. Two guys working also ride the Photons, and wear the boot true to size. They both suggested I go with the 11's since I measure to an 11. Therefore I logically I decided to get the Photons in a size 11. I also got them heat molded.

Once I got on the mountain I was stoked because I was expecting to have a heel lift and pain free ride, but that is not the case. I am still experiencing heel lift in both boots and discomfort at the end of the run. The heel lift is less than before but it still exists in both boots when going toeside with moderate force (still mainly my right foot). I personally feel the 11's were the right choice because the width of the boot is slightly hurting my feet, though I am expecting this to go away once the boots break in.

The new boots fit better, but by the end of the run I am still eager to loosen the boa and sit down. They are definitely not boots I can last all day with or even half of a day. I'm honestly really disappointed because I have spent so much money and time on my boots yet they still do not fit. Last year this really affected my snowboarding because I'd have to take breaks in the lodge for my feet while all my college friends were out there shredding.

All I know is I cant keep spending money on boots. Can you guys recommend me a boot fitter? Someone who can fit my boots perfectly who you also know will do the job right. I am wiling to drive anywhere in Vermont to find this boot Wizard😂.

(Also after reading a few other discussions on the forum I feel that I maybe should have got the 10.5 wide and maybe they would have packed out?? Is that true? I really dont feel that they would have especially since the width discomfort I'm experiencing in the 11's)

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