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Boot stretch?

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Hey guys!

I was wondering how much snowboard boots usually stretch?

I found a pair of Burton Photon for the equivalent of $145, and I couldn’t resist buying at that price.

The thing is they’re a size 11 (mondo 290) and I’m a size 11,5 - 12. I’ve since measured my feet using the recommended method, with my right foot being 293 mm and my left foot 292 (width 10,4 cm both feet) so size 11,5. The boots feel pretty good all over my feet except the big toe (especially the right one) which is jammed at the point of being slightly curled.

With my knees bent they feel better but not super comfortable, but standing straight is pretty close to painful.
Even when I take the liner out and wear only that, it’s very uncomfortable,

I haven’t worn them more than a few minutes at home and I’m still able to return them. Should I go for a bigger size or will they stretch? Don’t know if heat molding is available anywhere close to me.

Looking forward to you input!
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Going down half a size is pretty common for people who prefer snug performance fits. I am 263mm so technically 8.5 US but almost always go for 8 in most boot brands including Burton. From what you are describing, sounds like a good heat mold with toe caps on is what you need.
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