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Im looking to buy a board but i only weight 110 pounds and im 5' 8''
price is no problem but i can only buy from arbor,gnu,ride,k2 or burton
im just trying to find a good all around mountain board but really dont know
what brand or board to get or size. ive been riding a 155 k2 warrior and i think i
like it but i think thats just a park board and id rather have something thats going
to ride better all around then just park. ill take any suggestions or advice please and if i forgot any important info
please tell me so i can add. Thanks!!
Age 18
Weight 110 pounds
hight 5' 8''
budget' none just specific companies
style all around
boot size 9 1/2
location Las Vegas nevada

Ive also done some research into ride and gnu and was looking at the manic and berzerker from ride, street series and the carbon credit series from gnu
im really just trying to find out my size and what some suggestions are or if im looking at the wrong kind of boards.

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Are you a runner or something? Youz skinny.

Take a look at the Signal Omni 150(I know we have a dealer near Vegas somewhere). It is still one of my favorite quiver killers for sure. Really fun in the park, but just as good outside the jumps and rails.

From your list of brand options look at the 150 Arbor Westmark or a 150 K2 Raygun. Gnu's and Lib's will be overpriced and the ones that everybody will tell you are worth it don't come small enough. You should be on a 153 AT THE BIGGEST for an all mountain deck. I generally max at a 156 and weigh 150lbs. 150-151 is what you should be shooting for.

Also I'm guessing you're riding Bear? Mt High?
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