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burton custom smalls?

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Hello I am about 5'2 100 pounds and 14 years old. I guess im pretty much intermediate and plan to go out alot this coming year. Im looking at the burton custom flying v and i noticed the flying v smalls are quite a bit cheaper and the come in 140 cm. Would it b okay to get a smalls? Is there any difference between a smalls and a normal besides length? Thanks!
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Very different boards.

Higher tech in the adult sized custom - sintered base instead of extruded for example, channel binding attachment instead of three holes.

However at your weight the flex of even the smallest Flying V custom (148) will be on the stiff side as you're under the recommended weight for the 148. You'll grow into the 148 and out of the 140 smalls.

Demo if you can.
custom smalls

So you are saying that It would be okay for me to get the custom smalls or to spend the extra money and go with the custom 148 cm right?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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