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I'm an intermediate-advanced rider with about 70 days experience. I usually ride about half of the time off piste finding drops and powder, and half of the time bombing groomers and hitting side hits. I occasionaly hit the smaller jumps in the park, But have never spent much time in the park to practice. I am hoping that next season I will get a good chance to spend more time in the park and want to advance my skills.
My last board was a 2013 157 Burton process flying V.
It has been great to learn on and got me to where I am but I really want somthing with more edge hold hence why Im looking for a camber board.
I have est Malavitas so will be buying something Burton.
I really like the sound of of the Flight Attendant or the Deep Thinker for the riding I have been doing but I'm worried that either would limit my ability to get any better in the park and discourage me from trying, as I know they are not suited to an amateur.
Hence why I'm thinking maybe a camber process might be a better choice, but am unsure how it will hold up when riding pow.
So my question is, Will a FA or DT peform better in the park than a Process will in the powder?

Also open to any other suggestions on boards people may think are better suited to my needs.
Thanks in advance 馃

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I would just use 2 different boards. If you really want to get better in the park then use a board that is made for the park. Keep the process for days in the park, and buy a FA or deep thinker for days you will be on groomers/off piste. You will have more fun and progress faster with boards made for the purpose you are using them for.

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Agreed. You would be better off getting a freeride board and keeping the Process for park duty.

If you want a single board for everything then you're going to have to prioritize and compromise. Also keep in mind that you'll probably be replacing it sooner to rather than later, so the "cost saving" of having a single board for everything might disappear quickly if you destroy it in the park.

How much park are you realistically going to be doing and what features do you plan on hitting? If a lot of jibbing then get a dedicated board. Don't intentionally and repeatedly wreck the edges of your freeride and carving board.

With EST bindings you can also look at boards from Endeavor and Signal.

If it's just the jump line, boxes and transitions that you're after in the park then you could easily do with a single board. Pick your favorite freeride board and go.

For a single-board solution that's more park- than all mountain-biased consider the Burton Kilroy Directional (or previous season Kilroy Custom). If you like that Twin park flex and just want a bit more directional float than your Process then that might work.

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Good advice guys.
My current process is trashed so was trying to avoid buying 2 new boards but sounds like it might be worth it. Even if i pick up a second hand park board.
I like to think I will get in the park and hit most features often but realistically it will probably just be when then snow isnt so good elsewhere.
I will have a look into the killroys.
Thanks guys
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