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❄ Burton Gig Snowboard Bag Review.

❄ Brand:
❄ Model: Gig,
❄ YOM: 2010+,
❄ Waterproofing: Water repellent finish,
❄ Material: 600D polyester construction with TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) backing,
❄ Insulation: Full foam padded,
❄ Mobility: Central/end carry handles and detachable padded shoulder strap,
❄ Sizes: 146cm (150cm x 33cm x 5/18cm) 60 litres, 156 cm (161 cm x 34 cm x 5/18 cm) 65 litres, 166 cm (170 cm x 34 cm x 5/18 cm) 70 litres, 181cm (186cm x 34cm x 5/24cm) 95 litres,
❄ Colour: "Turf Haggis Plaid",
❄ Price: $Au 169.99 RRP ($US124.95), (@2021).
❄ Weight: 1.65kg [3.6lbs] @166,
❄ Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black/Smatree S2C carbon pole, Samsung S8.

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I was nicely introduced to the Burton Gig Bag years ago when I purchased my 1st ever Snowboard. I've seen a variety of different branded bags over the years and I'd be pretty confident in saying that the Burton Gig Bag is probably close to being the best padded snowboard bag on the market today.

Now the Burton Gig Snowboard bag sits at the top of the range and clocks in at a pretty decent $Au169.99 RRP ($US124.95 RRP) @2021 season. However, this is a fully padded snowboard bag that if looked after, should be a one off purchase. I remember just over 10 years ago when I started building up the families Snowboard quiver I was buying Gig Bags on the SurfStitch EOS sales at an amazing low $Au31 ($US22) with free delivery. Ahhh the good old days......, no doubt in hindsight, with a $Au170 RRP today, I should have grabbed 20.

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With the most popular branded fully padded Snowboard bags we have Quiksilver's Volcano 168 (102L) (tapered) ($Au139.99/$US79.95 RRP), the DC Layover 168 (102L) (tapered) ($Au139.99/$US79.95), the Element Equipment Tour Deluxe 157/165 (rectangular)($US89.95) and the Dakine Tour 157/165/175 (rectangular) ($Au149.99/$US94.95 RRP). In Australia, DC, Quiksilver, Dakine and Burton are the main available brands in that ascending order. There are a variety of smaller brand snowboard bags at cheaper prices but the Burton Gig bag is with no surprises, the most expensive from all the rest of the competition, $Au 169.99 RRP ($US124.95) @2021 season.

So lets have a look at what you get with the Burton Gig Snowboard Bag.

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The Burton Gig is a single layered non wheeled full padded snowboard bag. It has a tapered shaped height being narrower on either of the tip and tail ends at 5cm and rising to a thicker central 18cm around the middle of the binding area. The Burton Gig bag is generally designed for 1 x snowboard with attached bindings however you could layer up 2 to 3 boards internally with no bindings fitted.

I have a fair few Burton Space Sack Snowboard Bags (unpadded) which I use to cover snowboard when I layer them on top of each other in the Wheelie Gig when we travel overseas. Burton also make the Board Sack which is partially padded snowboard bag with only padding on the bottom face and an unpadded side and top.

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I threw the Burton Gig Bag 166 on the scales and it has a net weight 1.65 kg [3.6lbs]. I looked everywhere online for the volume specifications for the Burton Gig Bags but I could not find them anywhere so I applied some old school mathematics and calculated them for myself. In the Burton 146 Gig Bag it's 60 litres, 156 cm it's 65 litres, 166 cm it's 70 litres and 181cm it's 95 litres,

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The Burton Gig is a superbly made snowboard bag. Its construction, finish, zip quality and full padded interior are all first rate. The bag has an external fabric denier of 600D which feels reasonably robust. The older generation bags get the special treatment of full embroidered detailing which looks really good. Burton Snowboards have changed the design for it's Gig Bag/Wheelie Board Case/Locker from 2018 season onward where they have now integrated a looser pair of Velcro joined top carry handles. They also changed the design for the secondary pocket which is now more integrated inside, the identification label location is now on the bottom face of the bag and the zip has the full ability to open around 3 sides to the rear hinge. I much prefer the older generation Gig Bags as single padded low profile handles are heaps easier to move around as well as pull in and out from the Thule Roof box than the looser more annoying Velcro double straps.

Just like the Burton Wheelie Gig/Locker they can internally fit boards up to around 4cm longer in length than the actual bag size (ie 150cm in a 146,160cm in a 156, 170cm in a 166, 185cm in a 181).

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The Burton Gig Snowboard Bag has a central external pocket which is layered over the top of the bags outer-layer fabric. This is a good feature as the external fabric layer is kept in the one piece and less likely to split or damage in transit.

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The main compartment area of the Burton Gig Bag is accessed by twin bi-directional heavy duty zips with added padlock-ability. The zippers glide effortlessly around the top end of the Gig Bag behind the rear hinge edge but only to the lower bottom of the front edge. This allows your snowboard to be entered in by either the side or through the top entry area. Due to the zipper design layout in older generation Burton Gig Bags the opening top flap cannot be completely hinged back giving easy internal access like what's achievable with the current generation and the Burton Wheelie Gig/Locker Snowboard Bags.

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The Burton Gig Bag also comes with an addition clip on padded shoulder strap which I've never ever used as they tend to get in the way with handling.

In Australia "True Black" is always the most commonly available colour with the highest level of stock to buy. As a result they are generally always the ones available in the EOS sales. However, coloured/patterned Gig Bags look way better and make them so much easier to identify the different boards in your quiver. I've put label tags on all our bags so I know which board is in which Gig Bag as in the past I've had to unzip half a dozen trying to find which snowboard is in which bag. No more a problem.

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All carry handles on the Wheelie Gig are heavy duty padded and feel great in hand. There is also a Velcro closed identification port on the side where you can fill out your details on the supplied Burton card to help locate your bag it ever goes missing.

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The Burton Gig Snowboard Bag also comes with 2 x Velcro nylon straps at the bottom that enable you to strap a skateboard into and turn the Gig Bag into a Wheelie Gig. I've never ever used these.

So the Burton Gig is an absolutely superb full padded snowboard bag for traveling domestically and even overseas. It's robust, will last a lifetime, brilliantly designed and constructed with all high quality materials to protect your snowboard from damage. If you can stretch your finances to a full padded bag it's definitely the way to go.

Simply the best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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