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Burton Jeremy Jones ICS

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Is there any way if I got a Jeremy Jones that I could put my Rome 390's on it?
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The board comes with round mounting disc.

I'm not sure if they only fit Burton bindings.
Alright I will probably just end up calling burton
Not with the included discs. Burton will be no help either. You could maybe find some 3rd party discs on ebay or something. I know Burton says only Burton Bindings can be mounted to the ICS system.
Damn this is why I hate burton, one for being over priced then for this BS. Are you sure with Romes convert disk it wouldn't work, cuz thats what I have
The conversion discs for ICS boards are made to only fit Burton and Forum bindings. Any modifications you make would be sketch as fuck. A lot of people hate on Burton for proprietary tech but it's no secret. Besides, with the channel board, you'd be foolish not to pair it with EST bindings. Spend all that money on a board and not use it to it's fullest potential? What's the point?
Damn this is why I hate burton, one for being over priced then for this BS.

So why were you considering a burton then?

I set up non-est burton bindings on my X8 just to see how it feels, needless to say and as said above, it is pointless not to use EST bindings on an ICS board.
Just because I can get a good deal on this board, but I don't want to have to buy new bindings.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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