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Burton Jet Boots (and others with speed dial lacing systems)

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So I am in need of new boots and this is how I kinda feel :dunno:

The reason I feel that way is because I've always had traditionally laced boots but I recently tried on a pair of Burton Jet boots and just loved them. However, I'm a little wary to get a set of boots with that speed dial system or anything like it for one simple reason: Should a lace tear or break, you just get a new lace. But if that dial malfunctions or breaks for whatever reason whats the contingency there? Are shops equipped to fix those systems or do those boots usually come with a fix/backup?

I've tried asking reps at dicks where I was looking but nobody could give me a real answer. I'm hoping somebody out there on here has some experience and can tell me about their reliability/experiences with them and all that stuff.

So any help?

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Lace up boots are tried and true. I stay away from the Boa, quick lace type systems personally as I spend most my time in the backcountry. If something goes wrong your SOL.

I have been rocking the Vans V66 for the past year and love them!! Comfortable, responsive and they are lace up!
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