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Burton Joystick 163w vs Ride Machete 164w: Which to get?

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So it's come down to 2 boards that I'm planning on getting, either the Joystick 63w or the Machete 64w. I'm 6'2" and 225lb (and looking to drop another 10 - 15lbs) and have size 11.5 Ions and size 12 Lashed boots. The price diff is basically moot as its a 80.00 USD diff and I ride on the East coast (Quebec), never hit the park and ride mostly groomers and packed pow all day (30 - 40 times a year).

Either board will be combined with Cartels, so I'm wondering which do I get and why? Both boards are highly rated and winners of Good Wood for 2010, I just can't seem to decide.

Burton's got that ICS, V Rocker tech and pressure distr. edges (like magnetraction?) and the Ride's got Low Rise Rocker, slimewalls and sick graphics. Both are great all mountain rides, so I eagerly await the debate.

Lets hear it! :dunno:

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Joystick, I rode one at a demo and its sick. The pde isnt exactly like magnetraction. Its not as grippy (magne. is too grippy imo), but it still holds a great edge. The v-rocker is amazing. Its way more stable on hardpack than I ever would have thought. yet it still has all the traditional rocker advantages, float in pow, easy to press/butter, etc.
Haven't ridden either but from the research I have done when I was looking for a new board, I would go with the machete.
Yeah, but why would you choose the Machete? Is it you prefer Ride over Burton or is there something you like specifically about it?
It was the sidewalls of the machete that everyone was talking highly about, they are supposedly very durable. Also the reviews on the joystick were mixed, people either really loved it or really didn't like it. It seemed like more people were much more into the custom v rocker than the joystick.

Again, I haven't ridden either board I am just going by the research I have done when I was looking for a new board. I ended up going with the turbo dream(which I don't regret), but I was very close to getting the machete instead. If it wasn't for the discounted price that I got on the turbo dream I probably would have chosen the machete.
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