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Burton M6 transistion kit

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Hey guys

Sorry to bore you with this but as you know I had probs with my union forces staying put on the board. I have since fixed it but have recived burtons m6 transition kit. I really like how solid it feels and am wondering would it be ok to use them instead of the union disc?
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I use my 2011 union forces with my 2013 burton parkitec using the burton transition plates and hardware. Works very well.
ok but how do you cope with the screws that have a large head if you know what I mean. I find when i put the floor plate on my forces after i have screwed them on using the m6 transition kit the screws are a bit too high up. is it still ok to ride with you floorplate having a slight bump in it?
hey jiz where are you? please answer
Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Kinda anxious becuase i am headed for a shred fest in a few hours.
Some body please help. JIZ were are you? Is it ok to use the m6 transition kit even though i creates a small bump on the foot plate? (or gas pedal whatever you want to call it)
Somebody pleeeaaaaseee anybody *sniff* *tears shed*
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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