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wouldnt it be better with a thin plate that you stick some foam on for a ramp? like they do it on newer bindings?
^Yup perhaps some thin stiff aluminum. But I've just used hdp cutting boards are cheap and easily cut with regular tools....And since the binding already have some foam for shock absorption...but it's just under the hdp.

Recently posted this in another binding thread:
I would find some thinish, 1/4" hdp (high density plastic) cutting board. Make a cardboard pattern of the entire binding foot bed, then cut it out slightly bigger with some tabs and then wedge it in there. However, you might need to slightly lengthen your straps. The hdp will help to keep the snow and ice from forming. The tabs in the heel cup area will help keep it from falling out. I don't have a pic to show you but it took me about 30-45 minutes and used a band saw...but any coping or jig saw will work fine. Just be mindful of also cutting some space so that you can fold your high backs down. Actually did this to some friends burtons and she noted it worked great for the rest of the season. Have fun and post some pics of the chile shred.
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