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❄ Burton Snowboard Boot J-Bars Review.

❄ Brand:
❄ Model: J-Bars,
❄ Sizes: Small, Medium, Large,
❄ Boot Fit: Imprint 3, Imprint 3x, Life, or Life+ Liners,
❄ Colour: "Yellow",
❄ RRP: Free from Burton/$US4 RRP @2022,
❄ Rider: 192cm (6'4"), 93kg (205lbs), Waist 38", Hips 43.5",
❄ Rider Outerwear: Giro Range helmet, Smith Prophecy OTG goggles, Burton Dunmore Jacket, [ak] Cyclic pants, [ak] Powergrid base layer, [ak] Guide gloves, [ak] Endurance socks, Burton SLX boots, Quiksilver TR Platinum 24L riders backpack,
❄ Board: Burton Custom X 166W, Burton Genesis X EST (large),
❄ Location: Blue Cow, NSW,
❄ Camera:
GoPro Hero 7 Black/Smatree S2C carbon pole, Samsung S8.

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The importance of boot fit is a crucial and a very well discussed aspect of snowboard riding here on SBF.
Having the right sized length and fit with your snowboard boots enhances riding ability to the next level on the mountain.

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Burton Snowboarding boots have their liners going up through the bottom of the range with built in Achilles heel molding in the rear of the inner. This gives additional superior hold around the Achilles area and prevents heel lift.

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Burton snowboard boots which are fitted with the Imprint 3, Imprint 3x, Life, or Life+ Liners are manufactured with the additional added Velcro panel on the internal boot shell inner cuff to internally fit Burton's J-Bars in. So basically Burtons higher end range initiating from Swath, Kendo, Photon, Imperial, Driver X, Ion, and SLX in Mens and Ritual, Felix and Supreme in Womens.

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Burton Snowboards have wisely chosen as an environmental measure to only send the Velcro J-Bars out for free when requested rather than pack them in every boot where they may not get used. They are available to buy for $US4. I haven't seen any available in stores in Oz however I rarely go into any due to living in the online World now. The Burton J-Bars come in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large.

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Looking inside the snowboard boots you can find that there are the Velcro loop attachment points fitted into the inner shell cuff area of the boot. You need to prior pull the inner liner out from the boot to access and see this area.

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Here are the standard Burton J-Bars fitted to the snowboard boot liner (SLX/Life+) showing the depth of the Achilles heel area penetration.

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The Burton J-Bars come fitted with Velcro Hook to the rear which enable them to sit perfectly in position inside the snowboard boots inner cuff. When re-inserting the liner you just need to be conscious that the J-Bars are fitted and squeeze the heel area of the liner in when sliding it back into position. I have never had any of the J-Bars come loose or move in this process. Once fitted the Burton J-Bars are locked into position by the Velcro and never move whilst riding.

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You can see that the Burton J-Bars really minimise that Achilles area of the boot. Looking down inside the liner you say to yourself, "No way will I squeeze my foot back into that cavity". But....., this is a clear deception as the added penetration from the additional Velcro J-Bars does flex back out creating an outstanding firm bite on the rear of your heel area.

So personally, once you ride with the Burton J-Bars, I can't recommend them highly enough...., they're absolutely superb and I wouldn't ride without them fitted now. The snugness around the Achilles just feels so good on, almost like an ankle cast. There is practically zero heel lift without super forcing the foot up through toe flex.

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The Burton J-Bars are one of the best additional enhancements you can get for your snowboard boots. They create superb heel hold around the Achilles area to give you the ability to reach for the sky.

Truly superb.

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