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Burton Vapor Snowboard Review.

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❄ Burton Vapor Snowboard Review.

❄ Brand: Burton,
❄ Model: Vapor,
❄ YOM: 2012,
❄ Size: 162W (305/259/305)mm,
❄ Profile: Directional Camber 13mm,
❄ Taper: 0mm,
❄ Core: NEW Ultrafly 500g with Multizone EGD™,
❄ Base: Sintered WFO,
❄ Fiberglass Structure: Carbon Vaporskin™ with Carbon I-Beam™,
❄ Sidecut Radius (m): 8.09,
❄ Flex: Medium-Stiff (7/10),
❄ Edges: Stainless Frostbite Edges, Pro-Tip™, and Infinite Ride™,
❄ Effective Edge: 1258mm,
❄ Running Length: 1215mm
❄ Stance Location: -12.5mm,
❄ Weight Range @162W: 150-200 lbs / 68-91 kg,
❄ Price: $Au1350 RRP ($US1200) @2012,
❄ Rider: 192cm (6'4") 93kg (205lbs),
❄ Rider Outerwear: Giro Range helmet / OT Chips 2.0, Anon M4 goggles, Burton [ak] Cyclic Jacket / [ak] Hover pants, [ak] Powergrid base layer, [ak] Guide gloves, [ak] Endurance socks, Burton SLX boots, Quiksilver TR Platinum 24L riders backpack,
❄ Bindings: Burton Genesis EST™ (Large),
❄ Location: Perisher/Blue Cow/Guthega, NSW,
❄ Camera: GoPro Hero 7 Black/Smatree S2C carbon pole/Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Around 6 months ago I scored a pretty lucky find on Gumtree....., an unridden '12 Vapor 162W for ($Au400/$US240). Drove 250km from my joint out into highland rural NSW to pick it up. Well what an absolutely insane board. Only had 2 minute hairline scratches about 20mm around the tail that I polished out with scratch remover then hit it with some Mothers Carnauba wax. It's really gleaming now. Still had cardboard insert in channel and the channel slides still sealed in the pack.

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The guy who previously owned it brought it back from the USA in about 2013 and unbelievably just mothballed it. My son has a '13 Vapor 155 we grabbed on sale ($Au490) around 4 years ago and it absolutely rips. Consequently after researching the tech' in these boards I've always been a bit envious of his Vapor. Not until you hold one of these in hand, you don't realise how great they feel.

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So the Burton Vapor really lives up to its name......, it's so frigging light (2700grams). For an 8 year board the base and topsheet look absolutely brilliant. Fantastic depth metallic effect in the top sheet graphics with the Vapor logo having a bit of an electrified holographic effect. These were about $Au1350 RRP back in 2012. Now I know some prudent pundits in here will be chuckling to themselves saying WTF would you own this 8 year old dinosaur. But don't be to quick to judge..., let's just wait and see.

From my online research the History of the Vapor commenced around 2006 (Find Your Board | Board Vault) as the pinnacle for Burton to place all their high end expertise and technology into creating a snowboard that truly out performs all others. Earlier models up until 2011 used an Alumafly (honeycomb aluminium) core similar to what's used in helicopter blades to reduce weight. From 2012/13 they went to a timbered Ultrafly 500g core. The sidewall edges are streamlined in what Burton call "Slimrail" to shave weight without sacrificing strength and edge-hold. 360 degree stainless steel edges are also incorporated for further performance.
So with all this technical input the Burton Vapor came with a big asking price retailing in at $Au1350 ($US1200) over a decade ago. Consequently it was a board that was probably too far out of the price range of most riders.

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Well I just got back from a week down the Australian Alpine and spent 5 days riding the Burton Vapor. Waxed it up with FC739 so there will be no excuses for lack of speed. The Burton Vapor being a directional camber is an all mountain board, basically it's the lighter, super techy, high end Burton Custom. My Custom is a 166W which I absolutely adore as my number 1 pick for comfortably charging around the Australian mountain on.

However definitely not has hard driven as the Custom X.

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So how did the Vapor perform. Well the 1st day I rode my Custom just to get my legs back after 6 months off and from then on it was the Vapor. You notice straight away it's a pretty lively ride, very easy to slap around and change direction, being 40mm shorter than the Custom probably helps a little here as well. You can also sense the weight difference when popping some air as well as being lighter on the chairs.

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The conditions were mainly piste with powder pockets nowhere to be found. So the most I could really lean into were snow build ups around the run edges. The Burton Vapor is a real joy to drive out of here and spray a curtain behind you as you change direction.

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The Burton Vapor is a quick little beast across the flats. I could easily burn past slower riders without having to break out even when it's slightly slushy.

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Stability wise the Burton Vapor is very confident at speed. I could probably say that with my weight just outside Burton's suggested range for this board I definitely prefer the surefooted extra 40mm length my Custom 166W gives for bombing hard straight down black runs. With the central Carbon I beam there is absolutely no chatter in the tip or tail when hauling arse on the Vapor.

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So the Burton Vapor is a pretty damn good All Mountain board. To me, it's probably like the Customs version of the Veyron having all the bells and whistles but boy oh boy you had to pay top dollar for this. Now, would I have paid $Au1350 for it back in 2012...., in my mind it's not that big of a leap forward from any moderately stiff full cambered ride. But for $Au400, I'm so stoked to have it in my quiver. Regardless, it's a still a pretty sexy looking board even for its age and can still definitely hold its own destroying the mountain.

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I'll give the Burton Vapor an easy 4 stars for its brilliant performance and a bonus star for technical excellence and its sheer exclusivity.

Vaporising the rest of the competition ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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