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Buyer / Seller Feedback Thread

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After you've dealt with another member in Buy & Sell, post your experience (positive or negative) here.
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Is $200 for switch bindings and a forum symbol 157, a good deal?
Valid question.
Wrong thread.
I suggest you delete it from here and start a new thread to get responses.
And also, just by coincidence, you are posting from the same IP address as V0514N, and you're trying to buy equipment for men despite being registered as female, you came on right after IMVUU was told to STFU, and you're ragging on the same person, using the same whining style.

It's banning time.
Nice one Donutz!
Sold a Demon d3o body armour jacket to emt.elikahan.

Perfect transaction.
Would deal with again readily.
Just wanted to give @GreyDragon Feedback.
Awesome board, well packaged, Super easy transaction!
Board shipped out from Toronto and Made it to Vermont in exactly one week.

Go buy his gear!
Thank you sir!
Next time I hope to be able to deliver in person during snowboard season.
Hit up some resorts in wonderful Vermont.:smile:
1 - 4 of 115 Posts