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At the moment, id rate myself at the intermediate level but by the end of next season i will probably closer to advanced as im getting the sos pass to okemo, sunapee, and stratton, and plan on going about twice a week.
Also, i seem to have picked the sport up fairly quickly so my concern here is not only buying a board that will do what i want it to, but also one that i can grow into.

My first board was a Dinosaurs Will Die Genovese 151 (I'm 5'6" 145- 150 lbs.) and i did like the board but never got the chance to try any others so i dont know what a normal camber or reverse camber feel like. This somewhat has me leaning towards getting a hybrid and from what i hear they are pretty reliable all around...
My current bindings are a pair of 2013 burton reflex malavitas and havent ridden them yet as i had an old beat up pair of cartels last season.
I bought the malavitas on a whim and now im wondering if i made a good choice?

As far as what i want to do on the mountain:
I want to start getting into the park a bit, (kickers and jibbing, no pipe interest as of now) however don't want to give up too much stability or the ability to bomb a run.
id also like to fit some glades in there as well.

Obviously im looking at an all mountain board here but not really sure which route to go with.
Also, id prefer not to go bigger than a 153.
some boards i was looking into were the Magic Banana, Attack Banana, Never Summer SL, and last but not least the Gnu Space Case (Which i cannot find a single reliable review for, much my like the Genovese. I dont want to suffer buyers remorse again.)
I kind of like the idea of magnetraction because i currently do all of my boarding on the east coast and i believe the hype having never heard someone say it does nothing at all.

So can anyone give me any info on the boards i mentioned or maybe even steer me in the right direction with another board?

ps - i am really interested in the Space Case but cant seem to find ANY reliable info on it. does anyone own or know anyone who owns one of these?
how is the assymetrical design works out?
also if it would be good for what i want to do and if it is fast?


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At the moment, id rate myself at the intermediate level but by the end of next season i will probably closer to advanced.
I have been boarding for 7 years now, and i do over a 100 days a season, and let me tell you, the gap between intermediate and advanced is not the same as between beginner and intermediate...

From a beginner i would say you may of made it to to intermediate... But it is a hell of a ride to advanced...

Rails jumps switch etc all need to be nailed down, off piste is another you can cope with, with anything thrown at you not a problem...

The other thing is, a decent intermediate rider, would in my opinion, know more about boards and the understanding of the differences, and then opinions of others may help make up there mind from people who have ridden them all...

What i think you are, is someone who can link turns, has fun on a mountain, but doesn't really have an understanding of everything that goes with snowboarding, as an example, i read a lot, i spend a lot of time on the mountain, my friends all work in resorts, and i can get over most rails and jumps... I AM AN INTERMEDIATE RIDER at best...

As for the boards you talk about, i haven't ridden them so couldn't say, but i believe that some of them are chosen because of hype and not actually the behaviour of the boards... Certainly not by everyone, but it does happen... It is like the apple following, people buy it because of hype...

So why would you choose these types of boards...??? Explain YOUR perception of magnetraction etc...

When you understand things more, then you will understand why i ask and say what i say... It is not to have a go, or make you feel stupid, but there are many many people who think they are better than they actually are buying the wrong types of board for what they want and not learning the way they should...

It should all be about fun, about enjoying what you do, that is for sure, but the right attitude in your approach to this, and understanding more about why you chose what you choose makes it even more enjoyable and fulfilling, and then you will progress faster...

Ask a question, do a search, read a little, but take on advice from people who have been boarding much longer that still have there head on the ground rather than in the clouds...

Also as a 1st post, it is generally polite to introduce yourself a little more, than you have... ;)

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My espereince with Mervins Asym was not good. Even with Magne it was washy on heelside. If you want grip look into the Rossi Trickstick. And I would rethink some of your options. The SL is not really a park board. Its all mountain and park able. It sounds like you're more after a park board that is all mountain capable. And to be honest I ride nothing but "park" boadds every day here in Summit County.

Other notables that blend grip with stellar park riding and all mountain: Flow Era, Yes Jackpot, Capita DOA, 2014 K2 Happy Hour, or a Salomon Villain.
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