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C3BTX? Traditional? C2?

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Hey everyone I am new to this forum. I have been riding for 3 years and am currently on 2010 K2 park star (gift), flow nx2-at bindings, 2010 burton driver x boots.

I am looking at getting a new board and was originally interested in the 2013 billy goat with c2btx. How ever the 2014 has a C3 I am curious to how this style of camber rides does the moderate rocker even do anything?

I am an all mountain rider take jumps when I can, ride switch to goof off.
My buddy just got a tradition camber board and boasts about the pop and edge hold.
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have a c2btx billy, talked to the merv guys last year about the c3btx...slightly more traditional camber I'd imagine slightly more pop and slightly less tight-turn for edge hold it's not really an issue because the billy loves to have its nose in the fall line shredding da natty...thus the edges is parallel with the fall line....However if you want your edge to hold across the fall line....don't bother getting a goat...cause it doesn't like it and it would be a waste to ride a billy that way. if ur doing a jump line and want pop then perhaps c3...but the goat is made for natty and not groomed jump lines.
By Natty do you me the mess of the black diamonds? I'll hit groomers with my friends but I have more fun in the rough stuff. and by going across the fall line do you mean like wide horizontal turns?
natty=natural features
going across the fall line implies traversing
so good for off the beaten path?
is it still decent for groomers?
billy is great off the groomers and it does great on the groomeeez (abit of a waste riding groomers on the thing...imho).

Goat is torsionally softer (i.e., likes to twist) so it likes to have the nose in the fall line and thus does not hold a traverse edge (across the fall line) as well as a torsionally stiffer board. Then mag is mellow so its there if you need it but is not grabby...but this is assuming that you are basically in the fall line. If ur riding packed and groomers and like to pop from edge to edge perhaps get the c3 or just a traditional cambered...the c2btx is not an inherently poppy board but it can pop...but its great at the landings...very nimble, quick and sure footed.
Thanks for the replies
This is some useful information. The billy goat seems like a good fit for me.
There is a sale coming up next week so I'm hoping the will have the 2014 C3 BTX billy on sale! Crossing my fingers!
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