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Basically, timmytard found a board I want on craigslist in Whistler, but I don't live anywhere near there. I live on the East Coast of the US, and was hoping to find a whistler local to pick it up for me.

Basically, I need someone to go pick up a board at Whistler (creekside) for me tomorrow, around 5pm. I'd be happy to pay a small 'grunt work fee'. I had someone lined up today but it fell through. Now there is a couple of other people looking at it. The guy is going to have the board available from 5pm onward tomorrow.

I can forward board payment and shipping via paypal, EFT or check. Whatever you prefer.

timmytard can vouch for me. Sort of. We've had many internet conversations anyway. And I think he likes me.

Please reply to the thread and I'll PM the details.

Thanks ahead of time.
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