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CamelBak Milspec Crux/Antidote Hydration Reservoir Review

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❄ CamelBak Milspec Crux/Antidote Hydration Reservoir Review (part 1)

❄ Brand:
❄ Model: Antidote / Crux,
❄ YOM: Antidote 2018 / Crux 2021,
❄ Size: Antidote 2.0 litre / Crux 1.5 litre,
❄ Price: $Au84.99 RRP,
❄ Location: Furano, Hokkaido / Perisher, NSW,
❄ Camera: Gopro Hero 7 Black, Smatree S2C carbon pole, Samsung Galaxy S8.

We all know that keeping that Snowboarding thirst in check is a big plus whilst smashing it around and carving super hard all day. So, I thought I'd give a little run through with the system I use......., the CamelBak Milspec Crux/Antidote Hydration Reservoir.

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I've had the CamelBak Milspec Antidote 2.0L for a number of years now jumping up from the older standard civilian spec Camelbak reservoir with the fixed hose lines. I've used the Antidote daily whilst riding in Australia and Japan in a variety of weather conditions from +25C to -37C.

The CamelBak Crux hydration reservoir is basically the latest evolution of the previous Antidote model. As a result in this review I will picture the Antidote first before the Crux.

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❄ CamelBak "Antidote" 2 litre reservoir.

I initially thought a 2 litre reservoir would be the go but find I normally only fill to about 2/3 capacity as this is all I generally go through. Every gram counts when you're lugging it around so keeping the weight down to the minimum is important for a whole days riding.

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❄ CamelBak "Crux" 1.5 litre reservoir.

As a result when I grabbed the new CamelBak Crux I went for the 1.5 litre model. I've used this size reservoir recently on our trek to Mount Kosciuszko and it performed really well and was all I needed.

Both the Antidote and Crux reservoirs are fitted with a central baffle that runs internally through the middle creating a lower profile as well as substantially minimising unwarranted water sloshing whilst on the move.

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The CamelBak Crux has upgraded the filler cap system over the previous CamelBak Antidote. The Antidote required aligning the cap indicator at the 9 o'clock position before turning it a 1/4 turn in a clockwise direction to 12 o'clock to lock it into place and seal the reservoir.

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On the other hand the new CamelBak Crux can be turned on at any position and is simple to screw on and off without any misalignment issue or gasket sealing problems.

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The filler cap on the CamelBak Crux is also far deeper and has a more substantially robust grip with the bonus of an added soft grip coating. This gives the Crux a way easier user friendly ability to secure the cap tight.

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Another improvement the CamelBak Crux has over its predecessor is an ergonomic elongated handle which is so much easier to hold with one hand and ensures simple spill free closing.

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The cap on the CamelBak Crux now flops away over the top at the 12 o'clock position and stays completely out of the way whilst topping up.

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This is far better in design than what the previous CamelBak Antidote system does with the cap falling down at 6 o'clock and consequently feeling a bit clumsily in the way of the handle whilst refilling.

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❄ Now ride off to Part 2
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❄ CamelBak Milspec Crux/Antidote Hydration Reservoir Review (part 2)

CamelBak has claimed that the drinking tube was increased in diameter and now delivers 20% more water flow with each draw. In addition with the Milspec editions you get an extra long insulated hose length of 1180mm. The Big Bite Valve is a self-sealing silicone design and has an upgraded on-off lever that creates a simple and ergonomic way to shut off the water with one hand for an entirely leak-proof system.
I've never had any leaking issues whilst riding with this 2 stage shut off system.

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The Crux and Antidote drinking tube continues to connect to the reservoir with CamelBaks proven drink tube Quick Link™ System and allows the tube to be easily disconnected via the reservoirs HydroLock™ exit port which automatically shuts itself off for a leak-proof removal while refilling. You still need to be careful of any remaining water in the tube during the disconnection, but blowing it into the reservoir before hand alleviates almost all of the residue.

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When Snowboarding you are running the CamelBak Crux/Antidote through the ringer so it is important to have the reservoir protected. I grabbed the insulator pack in 2 litre for the Antidote and my previous 2 L civilian spec. These aren't cheap and cost around $Au40 delivered to Australia.

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❄ CamelBak "Antidote" 2 litre reservoir with insulated protection sleeve (Coyote Brown)

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❄ CamelBak "Crux" 1.5 litre reservoir with insulated protection sleeve (Black).

When I recently grabbed the new Crux 1.5L I had to pull out the over-locker to trim it down to the correct size which was a cheaper option than buying a new 1.5 litre cover. As the QLS exit port was in a different place with the 2.0L model I had to modify it down to the best I could.

Now you may ask how does the insulation sleeves work in solid sub zero temperatures. I've used the CamelBak Antidote in Hokkaido (around sub -15C) and it work really well with the water in the Reservoir staying liquid. It is absolutely essential to blow back after each drink to clear the drinking tube as even with an insulated cover it will ice up pretty quickly if there is any fluid within. This consequently renders the CamelBak useless until it melts.

Another important accessory is the Camelbak Reservoir Dryer.
So let's
start here....., this is one of those items that is fairly overpriced for what you get...., 2 small pieces of molded plastic. It really looks like it's only worth about $3.

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However...., it's absolutely brilliant for what it does. Really easy to attach to your reservoir as it locks into the hoses QLS attachment point.

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The 2nd piece is used to open the reservoir and allow air to circulate and assist in the drying out the internal area of the bladder. I've used the hose mounting point in the past to suspend the reservoir but this is far superior and does the job perfectly. Just treat it with care as it's not the most robust item in construction.

An essential item for your Camelbak even though it's a bit pricey.

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The Camelbak Crux/Antidote needs to be carried in a backpack that is Hydration compatible ie has the ability for the drinking tube to be channelled to the shoulder strap. Without this ability you have to work an exit point out of the bag through the main bag zipper.

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My Quiksilver Travis Rice Platinum 24L back pack has the ability to channel the drinking tube through the centre of the right shoulder strap and exit via a zippered opening on the outside.

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Both the Crux and Antidote have a hook which enables the reservoir to be supported vertically inside the backpack. I have used Kevlar cord roped through the internal clips in the bag.

All CamelBak products, Crux/Antidote Reservoirs are covered by the CamelBak "Got Your Bak" lifetime Warranty.

Now you may be asking can a Camelbak hydration reservoir burst open with a mishap whilst riding? Like most of us here, I've had a number of tomahawks in my time, even super heavy ones getting truly rag dolled across the snow and thankfully I've never had an issue with the reservoir leaking, tearing or bursting open. This maybe slightly attributed to riding with a 24l backpack which has a little bit of padding floating around the reservoir but cross my fingers, the Camelbak to this stage has always been rock solid.

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The CamelBak Antidote and Crux reservoirs are both brilliant Hydration systems that work superbly with Snowboard riding. They are a high quality, durable product and perform brilliantly in all the weather conditions you can put them through.

Clearly the best "Antidote" for thirst. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Behind the scenes Engineering of CamelBak.

Wear Camelback Wear a Camelback on the mountain -1,500

worth the loss of 1500 gnar points?
I always have this question, will these water bags burst if I fall on it while snowboarding?
I always have this question, will these water bags burst if I fall on it while snowboarding?
I’ve done a few otb’s on the bike and landed on my back with my camelback in the pack. Have’nt bursted yet.
I always have this question, will these water bags burst if I fall on it while snowboarding?
I've raced back down to the car park after becoming saturated when mine burst on a -20 Celsius day after a fall, but that was user error. I must not have properly closed it, the fall forced the cap open and suddenly my butt was very cold...
Thanks @Eivind så klart and @Phedder... oh so basically most of the time I shouldn’t burst with a regular snowboard fall (assuming the cap and everything is turned tighten correctly)?
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