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Can I fit into a Proto CTX?

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I have a friend selling his 155cm Proto CTX board is near mint, problem is its a wide and i've never riden a wide board, can I fit?

I am 175 lbs and 5'11, also I wear a size 11 US boot but for last season I purchased a DC Scout boot and those seem to run a size smaller so that new boot is a size 12

Will it be alright to get CTX instead of CT?
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your size sits on the line of choice between wide or not

You may not NEED a wide, but with 11-12's you can justify it and have enough boot to properly engage the edges (as opposed to someone with size 8s where the toe/heel won't even reach the edge). If its a good deal, you will be stoked.
It being a 155 and you being at 175 lbs helps out alot.
This is the exact board I ride at 6' 190lbs and size 12.5 boots. So, with weight you're fine. I agree that you probably don't NEED a wide, but I've found that the CTX is closer to a mid-wide in how it rides. Doesn't feel like a plank at all. I put mine through the ringer (everything but jibbing) and I love it. Has held up great after 75 days or so.
I wear size 11 Burton boots and sold my 158 Proto CTX for a 157 CT... the CT turns so much better and is much quicker edge to edge. I wouldn't go above a 26.0 waist... not sure how the ctx stacks up width wise.
thanks thats what i was looking to hear, i dont want a big fat board feeling all flimsy when im bombing down the hill at high speeds and i like carving alot so being able to do quick maneuver is a plus, i'll stick with reg board
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