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Capita Outsiders 2020 Flex / Butter Feeling / TRS HP comparison

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Hey there,
anyone who can compare a Lib Tech TRS HP 2019 to a Capita Outsiders 2020 or share some insights about the below topic?

Im looking for a board with a softer flex than the TRS HP for slightly easier buttering. Board is to be destroyed at the park.. jib, medium jumps, butters.
Im a big fan of Capita boards. Considering The Outsiders to fill this space.

I know the Outsiders is not for easy buttering. But is it a bit softer than the TRS HP?
Also im a bit concerned as the Outsiders is considered a Beginner to Advanced Board, will i be unhappy with its performance? (vs Ultrafear)
(im expert with 20 years experience, light weight 145lbs at 5'9'')

Everything is great with my TRS HP. I really love this board.
I only want softer flex to easier learn new variations of butters and get rid of a few centimeters for more fun.

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Rossignol sawblade. It's the little brother of the Jibsaw. That board was made for buttering and jibbing. It's got the perfect flex to learn how to get your weight over the board.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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