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Cartels to 390s?

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Anyone make this switch and how did they like it? Im a newb and am interested in learning park, Im mainly learning presses on snow, butters, tripods, flat 180s and 3s. Ive done a few boxes and a couple smaller jumps and wanna get more into that stuff. I keep hearing the 390s are where its at and I also hear Cartels being mentioned too. I rode my friends neversummer with some Rome bindings and they seemed a bit stiffer which took a little to get use to but it seemed like I was more comfortable and locked in better, could it be that I just have to mess with my Cartel adjustments more? I found a deal on the 390s for $169 so I was thinking about getting them and selling my 2010 Cartels. Any input?
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wow i have 390s and i would get those anyway just to have another pair.
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