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centered vs not centered?! Heel edge catches?

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Need some help here...

My bindings are not centered on my board side to side. The toe plate of the bindings hang over the toe edge of the board about 1/4" and have a 1" gap to the heel edge at their further points. I'm concerned because when I tilt the board, I can see with anything less than solid ice that if I hold a sharp toe edge carve, it will dig...

on the flip bootheels hang over the back binding plate like 2", while they only hang over the toe plate 1". The boot heel is hanging 1 1/4" over the heelside of the board while the toe only 3/4". When I'm riding, I can feel this. I feel like the heel of my foot is standing on a thin rail.

I've tried several things to get these center AND have a center boot but this was the best config I could get.

The question I have is, what effect would this have on my riding?

I've noticed that I have been having some issues with catching my heelside tail edge, which causes me to sommersault at 35mph on east coast SOLID ice fields , coming to with a headache. I don't do it often, but already twice this year and that's enough for this 40 year old to endure. Maybe if I had fewer bones and more ligaments, I'd be cool with this.

This is my 3rd year and I'm really trying to carve when I finally find groomed runs that all arent full of chop. But would be more happy with more stability, especially at speed.

I'm JUST about to switch from a 18 front 6 rear to 18 front -9 rear to try that out to see how things work out as I just started going down switch, which on a 20mm setback directional board DOES feel alot different than a friends bi-dir board with centered stance that I tried out last week. BUT, I still want to be able to ride switch..
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I'm actually centering my new boots as we speak and I currently have them at 1.25 off the front and 1.5 off the back. Sounds like your not that far off yourself. If you adjusted you rear minding up towards the toe edge .25 inches that would put you at an even 1 inch on each side no? If the toe plate is a "gas pedal" then it usually will not effect the toe side edge because they slant upwards as they go out from the binding hence raising the toe portion of your boot out of harms way. I would just make sure your centered and you will avoid many more headaches!
Make sure your boots are as Centered as possible on your bindings. This is VERY important due that your edges use leverage to turn. If you are off center your edges will not distribute the power properly or lack there of. It can make the board feel unstable at high speed on corduroy or chop. I ride on the easy coast too and I can't stress this enough. It takes time to setup new bindings properly. Just picked up a pair of Rome 390 Boss and I have spent close to a month dialing them in. About five trips up on em thus far and I feel like they are as close to perfect as they can be right now. But centering your boot is the very first thing you should do and work out from there. My boots overhang my edges by a little less than a quarter of an inch and I've never caught an edge in a full on carve. If your boots are not centered your turning will suffer, make sure you center them before you ride.

What brand bindings are you running? And pictures would be very helpful too.
Some companies have offset base plates or plates that can slide, if you can't center your boot and the heels are too far, I'm guessing the bindings might be too large. What size boots and bindings are your riding?
flow 5's XL's on size 12 boots. Boots were almost centered but the bindings def were not.

I just figured out that the highback wire under the baseplate can be pulled out and placed into another slot when you adjust the highback to be slide in more by removing the strap screw, flipping teh hold down plate and moving it forward. The wire strap under the binding plate has two positions. I assumed you either used one or the other for both ends of teh wire, never realizing I could just put ONE in the closer hole in order to lengthy the wire a bit, vs what I was trying to do before which was to lengthen it too much.

What this did was allow me to keep my highback where I like them, just allowing my boot to fit more centered on the bindings, and allowed me to center the bindings on teh board so now I'm probably ok.

I started another thread in gen asking about setback because, more and more I'm thinking I have teh wrong board for the type of riding I do. WAY too far of a setback.

heck the minimum width I can set on this board is a 21.5. My kneecap height is 22" but my shoulder width is only 19". Meaning, I should probably ride at 21 or 20 " width. Im 5'11" and go anywhere between 186-195 pounds adn the board is 169 in length. Maybe a tad too big.
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heck the minimum width I can set on this board is a 21.5. My kneecap height is 22" but my shoulder width is only 19". Meaning, I should probably ride at 21 or 20 " width. Im 5'11" and go anywhere between 186-195 pounds adn the board is 169 in length. Maybe a tad too big.
Im 5'8'' and ride 21 exactly so your ok there. If your were more comfortable i would even say its ok if you wanted to widen that stance a bit. Glad you got to the bottom of the centering problem though.
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