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First off,would like to say thank you to Drift37 and Triple8Sol for starting a post/thread about a chamonix boards. I was curious for whatever reason to check out the chemin and when i saw it was a swallowtail and and for a sale price it was hard not to give in. I did research for reviews and found post from EZloungin mentioning about this board and somewhat of a replica of a Sims Solo powder board. So i bought one. Rode it all day today.

- This board looks really good unwrapped. It looks like a varnished furniture:laugh2:
- It is stiff,rated 8 of 10 flex. Did not find any issues regarding built,looks solid.
- It is lightweight,about the same weight as my Warpig 154 without bindings.

PERFORMANCE: (Groomers,bumps and powder tree stashes)
- Set at 22" stance width 18/-3 and moved back one hole from center point so i have more nose.and some tail. Mounted my Flow fuse hybrid bindings.
- I notice a slight chatter on the nose when i just stomp the board on the ground. Was not really impress with that.
- First two runs,rode over some chunder and the nose starts to chatter but not bad, i was not used to that cuz the Maverick and Warpig does not chatter.
- lively, but it would not buck you off,well unless you loose your balance over variable snow conditions.
- Turning was so-so at first until i decided to get aggressive with it. Carving on this was fun! the edgehold was great, and the turns were more smoother edge to edge.not bad for a powder specific
- Riding bumps with a short tail was weird at first, but it actually helped turning more easier.
- Rode on some crusty on top tree pow stashes (knee deep) and this board just planes over it. My Warpig also floats good on the same stashes but the Chemin is more on top of the snow. Very happy on
that deal.

Overall,this board is a keeper. I can play with it on groomers and it slays crusty pow,i can imagine if it was new snow. I got some nice comments from boarders about the Chemin,it does look good in
person. I am still not sure of its durability,its only been a day with it but time will tell. This will be going with me often now along with my Warpig on the mountain. Anybody wants to buy a Endeavor
Maverick 159? used just twice.:wink:

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This board is listed with a 17 meter sidecut. We discussed this in another thread about large sidecuts. Collectively, we felt that the other specs don't support this board having a sidecut that large. Also, all the reviews would say "this board doesn't turn." If you're looking at this board to try out a huge sidecut, maybe keep looking. Other than that, this looks like a great performing powder board from the specs. Thanks for the review t21
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