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So I have done my research and am down to four boards. Let me start by saying I am 5'5" 130 lbs size 9 and no longer growing. I am looking for an aggressive freestyle/allmtn board, that is to say I need something that I can take off kickers, and boost down groomers (and possibly jib a wee bit). I don't need mach speeds but I need something that can hold an edge and lay down a decent carve on steep, icy, or groomed terrain better than the board I currently have (which cant do that at all). I want a twin, 150 cm or less (in general), and either regular camber or flat camber, I am not too big of fan of the loose feeling of having rocker between the feet or even further. I also need it to be under $400. This leaves me with...

2010 capita stairmaster extreme
2011 k2 darkstar
2011 smokin kyle clancy pro model
2010/2011 nitro t1

Problems: I am finding it hard to pin down a decent way to comparatively evaluate the stiffness and flex of the individual boards. I am leaning towards the stairmaster extreme because I can get a great deal on it. No one in the history of the world has reviewed the kyle clancy pro. And the t1 and darkstar are pushing my budget.

Any and all help regarding these boards is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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