So the time has come to thin the herd, letting go of some decks, all are used with signs of wear but no core shots or busted edges.

1. YES PYL 164 W - $200
2. K2 Party Platter 157 - $175
3. K2 Team Manifest 164W - $325
4. Endeavour Archetype 160W - $250 - SOLD
5. Jones Solution 169W & jones Nomad pro skins- $450 (add $100 if you want skins)
6. Karokoram Prime Binding System with 2 sets of pucks/toe clips/riser & Crampons - $700
7. Union Contact Pros size L - $175

Also up for trades, looking for Surfari 161, Cardiff Goat Split, Phantom Slipper system (28 boots), Korua Pencil Plus, Rome Stalefish, DanceHaul

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