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Clothing fits?

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Which fit is better? :dizzy:
Is there difference in preformance?
Or it's only a matter of style and personal flavor?
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It's 100% personal preference. I like my outerwear to run a little on the bigger side cause I feel it's not as restricting as some of the slim/tailored stuff.
To the normal rider who is cruising blacks/blues/greens/parks/whatever id say its more personal preference.

For the top speed guys whose only goal is to go faster and faster itll become more of a performance thing.

For me i prefer more of a regular fit.
Hehe cool, I've been wanting to go über slim top and the baggiest pants I can get and a long ass beanie look like some anime character on the snow :p
What u think?

Btw any idea which brands make good quality skinny tops?
And Which mega baggy pants are actually good? Since most Ive seen gather snow in between foldings and that eventually finds its way into the pants and shoes...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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