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Contour Camera Parts

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Anyone have any sources for replacement parts for Contour Cameras? I need one of these as my lens got crazy scratched up from sand on a recent surf trip, but with Contour all out of business and whatnot, I've had some trouble finding a source.

ROAM & ROAM2 Replacement Lens | Contour
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Try ebay, there are kits with multiple replacement lenses available. Not cheap but you can also get more narrow angle lenses in the same pack.
Yea, it's just painful spending $50+ for a full lens when I just need the piece of plastic that covers it, especially when I know it was available 2-3months ago for $5. I've tried reaching out to some of the companies selling aftermarket Contour stuff on ebay/amazon to see if they have any of these. I'll probably just end up picking up a new camera this year.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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