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wasn't sure if this should go here or in the slam section...cuz "ouch" it hurts....
but I figured it was a technique or gear setup issue so wasn't sure. sorry.

board=rome reverb rocker
bindings=k2 auto national

I'll try to explain as best I can....i'm sure someone has experienced this?

So, I have my bingings set up around +15/-13 I sure...
my riding is pretty damn solid.....I can carve up a storm and was out last night for the first time this season.....SO STOKED!!....HEY SLYDER!!:laugh:

but I noticed last season a bit....but last night it was really noticeable,..that when I ride really aggressively I "smash" my rear arch of my foot into the board and twist the hell out of my rear foot a lot for some reason.

I notice too that when i'm riding up to a feature and I set the board flat, I push into the board with the arch of my foot to get and "make sure" the board is flat as i'm goin' into whatever trick i'm doing. Anyway,'s sore this morning and I have to figure out how to either stop doing it or get your advice on why I'm doing this,.......if it's a bad habit, to stop doing it.....or if I need to adjust my rear binding?

my instinct tells me that if I duck out my back foot more,...I'm gonna just end up "pressing" my arch into it more,.....but I don't know.

I'm thinking I will try it tonight, but not sure what to expect.

I'm not exactly "young" either and I think my brain is wanting my body to tweak and press more than the ligaments and sinews are capable

so, has anyone else experienced this "sore rear arch" phenomenon?
did you find it was an error in technique/ gear set-up or both?
I sure do appreciate any insight or experiences you have to share.

edit; and no I don't ride in the back seat.......i'm a proficient rider,....but love to torsionally twist and tweak the board a lot, pressing and bending it to challenge my ability.

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well, I figured it out myself.....
just put some sports support tape on my ankle/foot and went back to the park again tonight and things are fine.....
I think most of the pain was coming from the fact that I had to "skate" a good 100 feet to the lift everytime I got to the bottom of the run.
and that constant pounding of my arch on the ground gave my foot one helashious beating......
I wasn't crankin' my foot into the board either while riding....just keeping it nice and stable in the binding....
I think I was just a bit over-zealous my first day of the
I'm gonna keep things chill from here on in ;-)
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