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Snowboard: Dc Ply 153
Flex: 6
Profile: Mellow Camber end of insert to insert with flat from outside of insert to tip.
Boots: dc ceptors 2014
bindings: switchback bindings (p.s, dont buy shit bindings) upgraded to union contact 2015/16
weight:135 Pounds
Experience:4 years

Pros:Overall the dc ply was a solid board, not to many bells and whistle but solid. Edge hold was great with the camber and flat profile, while also keeping a stable platform going straight/flat base.
The flat parts of the board made it easier to press and butter on rails and jibs, while the camber gave decent pop off the jumps and stable landings when landing back seat. Very soft tips
that make spins and butters very fun.
Tip and tail are different shapes, the tail of this board is wider and bigger than the tip that is smaller in size, just looks dumb and sinks in powder even more.
Board scratches easily but who cares you cant see through snow.
Extruded base makes this board kinda slow and your bff pass u easy.
Strength of this board is weak, tips delaminate and gets beat up quick.
Edges break/snap on rails easily.

Who would i recommend this to?
Id give this board to a more jump focused person who likes charging hard with good edge hold, And goes out of the park sometimes.
Would not recommend this board for a beginner or a jibber, the dc pbj would do that job much better.
Though there are way better choices listed below that rideish the same, closest would be the capita outsiders same profile and flex but faster stronger better.

Board like the dc ply(6 flex):
burton custom twin(6.5ish flex)
yes jackpot(6 flex)
ride burnout(5 flex)
Ride MACHETE GT(5 flex)
Capita outsiders(6 flex)


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I can already see the fire that's about to start. This review raises a lot of questions and I question the validity of this review.
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