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Hard to find much real info/thoughts on this board so I figured I'd throw mine up.

Rider: 6'1, ~200lb, Size 9US Ride Fuse. Advanced freeride, intermediate freestyle. Go fast, carve hard, pop high, get playful on any sidehits I find or just send it deep, and lots of ground tricks.

2017 DC Supernatant 158 - Rome Targas and Nitro Phantom Carvers, +21, -9, 22.5-23 inch stance set back a little. Nose is 3 inches longer than the tail.

Days on Board: Around 15 by now across Sunshine, Lake Louise and Revelstoke, covering pretty much all conditions except slush.

Flex/Profile: Marketing says it's a 7 which is probably spot on as an average, but it's definitely stiffer right at the tip and tail, and softer between the feet and torsionally. What you get is a board with a lot of stability and snap tip to tail, that also lets you foot steer the board and twist it as needed. Personally I love how that feels, very maneuverable when needed but still very locked in/stable as well. It's got micro camber pretty much the entire length of the board with a tiny flat section at the contacts, very easy to load and unload that camber.

Pop/Ollies: It's got boost. Snappy and lively, load it up and send it or quick skate snap, it responds well to either.

Stability: Very stable. I'm comfortable straight lining pretty much anything on this, it feels longer than 158cm at speed, nose is nice and stiff to plow through or over anything, and the tail has plenty of support for any backseat landings or cliff drops. It is a very lively board, not at all damp, so you will feel everything you're riding over or through, but the board itself doesn't get bounced around at all. Confidence inspiring.

Carving/Edgehold/Handling: This thing RAILS. That tip to tail stiffness and torsional give make it an incredibly fun board to turn and carve, you can hold whatever line you want and keep that tip and tail engaged, the microcamber is easy to unload during the turn if needed to kick the tail loose. I feel like the board being softer through the center and stiffer tip and tail lets you really load the entire length of the board and pop/snap out of each turn with a tonne of energy too. The board bends a lot during a hard turn but never slips. Edgehold is as expected I guess, I have it tuned with a 1 degree base bevel and 2 degree side edge and I always keep them sharp/deburred. I've never had it slip out on me when I didn't expect it to, but I have found it's limit a few times when searching for it.

Park/Playfulness: This is now my favourite jump board, whether that's side hits or in the park, I just love getting air time with this board. It's also by far the lightest board I've ever ridden, which I didn't think I'd notice that much but it honestly makes a difference in the air when tweaking grabs, forcing a spin or a revert/shifty out. I wouldn't call it a playful board in the park/freestyle sense, but that torsional give really lets you manipulate it as needed and I find it super fun to butter and snap back out at speed, though you do need speed and weight to butter it well. Just cruising along and popping into a tail press you can't get a whole lot of flex out of it or get the nose far off the ground. With a bit more speed however, popping a 180 onto the nose over a roller you can really press into it and then pop back out with a lot of energy. Playful charger I guess? I do ride it switch a lot and have no issues with it there, but most of my switch riding is on groomers or in the park where I really don't find an issue with any board switch (Archetype for example) so I guess it rides switch as expected, it's not a true twin but it's not aggressively set back, tapered, or has a drastic change in the flex profile between nose and tail.

Powder: It does well enough, but it's not a powder board. I honestly expected more after seeing it on Transworlds best powder boards of 2016/17 review video. Looking at the specs it all makes sense though. No major rocker, a little set back, a little taper, not overly wide. It's much more of a freeride/all mountain board that will float well at speed. Keep the speed up or stick to steep terrain and the nose planes really well. Get into some lower angle stuff or lose your speed and then the back leg is gonna get a bit of a workout. Now with that said, if you can keep your speed up or have it on steep terrain it is fantastic in powder! Super lightweight and easy to throw around, a pleasure to turn, fantastic on drops.

Overall Impression: Wow this board is light, I love this thing. It makes perfect sense as Devun Walsh's pro model, can handle any terrain with confidence and add a freestyle flair to it all as well. The tip to tail stiffness and torsional flex, combined with how light and snappy the board is are the 2 biggest factors affecting the ride to me, and I really like the end result. I think this would be a fantastic one board quiver for anyone who isn't a park rat, and especially for anyone who rides the East Coast but does trips out West. It'll hold well on firm groomers charging around, still be easy to manipulate at lower speeds on smaller mountains or in the park, but coming out west and really opening it up in natural terrain it's not gonna let you down anywhere on the mountain, steep or mellow. Now if I could tweak this board a little, I probably would. Personally, I'd make it a 160, add 5mm or so to the overall width of the board, and bump the taper up to 8-10mm from 5mm. That would push it a little more towards the freeride/powder spectrum, right now I think it's more of a directional freestyle charger.

It's also an absolutely beautiful board, definitely one of my favourite graphics. So much detail.

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